Creating Your Meditation Space at Home

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It’s no surprise that 2020 has us all in a tissy. We’re constantly bombarded by harsh news stories and stressed over trying to adjust to a new normal. Our homes are usually a place to unwind yet now more than ever we have been spending 90% of our time at home. We are now working from our kitchen tables and have turned our playrooms into classrooms. Our need for stillness and quiet is at an all time high. However, this gives us the opportunity to embody a more mindful lifestyle.

One of the ways to bring more mindfulness into your daily life is to find a space in your home where you can escape to and sit for a few minutes of meditation. Whether it’s a small area in your bedroom or a full room that can be dedicated to quiet stillness, you can transform it into your own personal meditation sactuary.

Vīb + Sol Designs Blog - How to Create Your Meditation Space at Home


So take a look around your home, walk slowly through each room, and find the space that speaks to your soul. Next, you’ll want to declutter the space so it’s free from any energy. Your meditation space will now be a clean slate and welcoming for key meditation essentials.

To bring in some meditation essentials, remember that minimalism is recommended for a serene atmosphere. To get you started, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Start with a small table, which will be perfect for a salt lamp or two!
  2. Add a diffuser that you can fill with your favorite essential oils.
  3. Go even further in creating your peaceful space with a small bohemian rug!

To help your mind focus on the peaceful and relaxing feeling you’ve created, use one of our handmade mala necklaces which are crafted with semi precious gemstones that embody healing energies! Holding a mala necklace and touching each individual bead will help you focus on your breath and your intention, such as “I am at peace”. With your mind focused, you’ll begin to slowly feel the chaos of the world subside - even if it’s just for a few moments.

Your newly created meditation space is your sanctuary. Whenever you need to be still - in the morning just after a cup of coffee or tea, right before bed, or any time during the day - this space is for you to use as often as you need it. Imagine no distractions and no newsfeed. Just 5 minutes (but hopefully more!) of peace, quiet, and a moment for your body and mind to reset.

I hope you enjoyed finding and creating your meditation space! Let this be the start of a more peaceful and mindful way of living.

Vīb + Sol Designs Blog - How to Create Your Meditation Space at Home

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